Janice Johnson

Janice Johnson has over 40 years of sewing and alterations experience. Years ago, a friend who was working with Boatright Funeral Home, told Janice about making burial garments. It was then when Janice and her husband Oscar, started thinking seriously about the burial garments industry. Johnson went to Boatright Funeral Home and talked with funeral director Marvin Boatright about making burial garments. When Janice’s mother-in-law passed, Williams & Bliutt funeral home serviced her funeral. It was at that time that Janice presented her first samples to Williams & Bliutt, who purchased the sample burial garments from her. The funeral home claimed that these garment styles would sell well. At that time, Janice knew that the styles she had created could go far in the funeral industry, and that creating exclusive designs was the beginning of a career in making burial garments. 

Janice has had the opportunity to do work for designers such as Brunette Dinwiddies of “Dinwiddie’s Designs” and Yvonne Humphries of “J. D. Christopher’s,” who she still has contact with. Yet, in addition to her 40 years’ experience as a seamstress, Janice also has over 25 years of office experience. Office experience includes business management, customer service, accounts payable, marketing sales analysis, and retail sales experience at department stores. Janice has been in business doing alterations and custom designs since November, 1996. Janice has aMaster’s Degree in Human Resource Management. 

Janice ’s sewing talents gave her the desire to go into business creating fashionable garments for Embrace Designs


Oscar Johnson

Oscar Johnson has held various jobs from construction work to manufacturing. In 1999 Oscar was hired at “National Starch & Chemical” which changed its name to “Ingredion”. Oscar held several positions from a packer to process operator. During his 17 years of employment with Ingredion Oscar was voted and held 4 positions in the union, Grievance Committee, Executive Board Member, Stewart and Trustee. He was outstanding in his leadership role at Ingredion. Oscar also served 12 years in the United State Army Reserve, and received his honorable discharge in 1992.

It was August 2015, two weeks after attending the NFDMA convention held in St. Louis, Missouri. Oscar Johnson lost his vision and after being tested he was diagnose to have Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) a genetic disease that affect his center vision. Oscar’s wife Janice Johnson was lead to reach out to the Vocational Rehabilitation where Oscar was enrolled with Bosma Enterprises, a school for the visually impaired. Bosma Enterprises was where he learned to get his self-independence. Training from Bosma Enterprise include; observation & mobility training, computer & communication device training, cooking & manual skills and braille training. Oscar graduated from Bosma Enterprises in November 2016.

With Oscar Johnson past experiences, he has all the skills and special training to be a successful entrepreneur in his role at Embrace Designs LLC. He brings leadership, management knowledge, computer, sales, maintenance and other skills to the company.